Alexander Filmer-Lorch

Alexander’s career began as a state-approved professional dancer at the John Cranko Ballet Academy in Stuttgart, from where he went on to dance at the German Opera House in Düsseldorf. 

Following a back injury, which put an end to his dance career, he decided to travel extensively to gain a deeper understanding of what animates the moving body and drives the mind. He studied the teachings of Eastern psychology and philosophy, yogic disciplines and meditation in the traditional one-to-one practice of teacher and student, throughout more than a decade of his life.

In the intervening years, Alexander’s dedication and passion for working with people inspired him to follow the work of his teachers, simplifying complex philosophical teachings and translating them into a framework that meets the requirements of our modern times.

He opened his clinic ‘Insight Therapy’ in 2002 where he treats and facilitates people as a CranioSacral practitioner, as well as a therapist of ‘Mindful Psychology', ‘Inner Work’ and 'Meditation Therapy'.

In 2011, he founded ‘Inside Meditation’ a modern school of neutral thought in London, offering regular CPD trainings, Mentoring programs, as well as a comprehensive Yoga Alliance UK accredited 100 and 200-hour Meditation Teacher Trainings.

Alexander’s first book ‘Inside Meditation: In Search of the Unchanging Nature Within’ which is a comprehensive analysis of the process, practice and science of meditation and eastern psychology, was published in July 2012.

His second book ‘The Inner Power of Stillness’, which is a semi-academic book for practitioners and professionals working with people, will be published by Handspring Publishing in August 2016.

As an advisor to the board of Directors of the Yoga Alliance Professionals, Alexander drafted and helped finalise the meditation standards recently established by the Yoga Alliance Professionals, who’s main objective is to honour, sustain and maintain the timeless nature and endless value of the ancient teachings throughout, despite the contemporary demands of this new millennium.

Alexander continues to collaborate closely with the Upledger Institute UK, where he teaches CPD trainings with Maggie Gill, as well as developing a new course, called ‘working from the inner power of stillness’, for therapists and practitioners, which he will teach together with Caroline Barrow and Maggie Gill.

Today Alexander guides and facilitates professionals, teachers and students at an international level. His work as a practitioner, mentor, author, philosopher, lecturer and teacher is a synthesis of 35 years of experience in movement, yogic disciplines and meditation, applied philosophy and Eastern psychology, aiming to bring the body, mind and spirit to a natural state of meditative synthesis.