200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

At Ashiyana, we believe that the most important aspect of teaching today is that you are able to express yourself from an open heart, discovering your inner peace and therefore having the capacity to truly give of yourself. We wish to create self-empowered teachers, who teach intuitively instead of merely following our or someone else’s ideas.  

It is not necessary that you go on to teach yoga after this course, our intention is to inspire you to be more of yourself – authentic, confident, loving, clear, and flowing with life. In this way, you will discover even more about your divine purpose here on earth.

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  • 27th Feb - 27th March 2022



We aim to enable you to take yoga off the mat and into all aspects of your life, as a process of self-healing whilst you learn to be responsible for your own equanimity and joy. In that, Yoga moves beyond the body and becomes an inner journey. Our vision is to empower you, so that you can truly live who you are, teach what you love, and therefore 'become the teaching', rather than just teaching a class.



Anyone who has an earnest desire for self-knowledge and for whom the words on this page resonate. You may be a Yoga practitioner or teacher who is seeking clarity or greater depth, or you may be fairly new to Yoga. Either way, everyone is welcome as ideas of beginners and advanced are just that – ideas, the personal intentions you bring are more important.

We will ask you for a few prerequisites in order for you to get the most out of the training. As soon as you decide to register for the course, we will provide you with a Pre-Training document that includes a selection of breathing techniques and asanas, which you should be familiar with.


The course will be framed around the four main paths of Yoga – Jnana, Karma, Bhakti and Hatha (Raja). There will be a thorough examination of the traditional and most common interpretation of yoga according to Patanjali’s eight limbs of Raja Yoga. However, this will be set against a varied backdrop of alternate perspectives of yoga and life, so that you may realise your own vision of what yoga means for you in today’s world. We intend to challenge, inspire and empower you.

After the training, you will receive either a Teaching certificate (200hr Yoga Alliance certified) or an Attendance certificate, depending on your overall performance and attitude throughout the 4-weeks training.



We place great emphasis on the ability to create a loving, nurturing and safe class, with due consideration for breath awareness and techniques (Pranayama), warming up the body (Pavanmuktasana), appropriate sequencing of postures, and then relaxation (Savasana).

We will empower you to teach and during the course we will focus on specific classical Hatha Yoga postures, seed sun salutations, and meditation. With this understanding, we will encourage you to be creative and explore “your” way of teaching.

The idea of the asana part of the course is that you learn the postures safely and correctly and then develop your own self-practice, which will inform your way of teaching.

There will be a variety of ways in which we will encourage and support you to learn and share. However, there will also be significant periods of alone time, aside from studying, where you are encouraged to practice silence, solitude, and meditation. This is supported by daily times of silence. There will be ongoing homework and assessment – including written, verbal and practical. Typically the main exams are in Anatomy (end of week 2), Philosophy (week 3), asana test and 1 hour taught class (week 4).




07:30 – 09:30     

Meditation and Asana Class



10:30 – 13:30

Asana Lab, Philosophy, Anatomy etc

13:30 – 14:00

Class Review



15:00 – 16:30

Relaxation and private study time

16:30 – 18:30

Teaching to teach, Anatomy, other lectures



20:00 – 21:00

Chanting, Reflections, Music, Sharing, etc


Silence, until 10.30 the next morning


(Sunday is a day off until dinner, and Wednesday is a half-day off)


2650 €  -  earlybird (if booked within one month after initial enquiry) 

2900 €  -  Full Price (IF BOOKED after ONE MONTH from INITIAL ENQUIRY) 

1900 €  -  Non residency**

** includes training course, manual and three meals per day

Click here to learn about our subsidised Teacher Training Scholarship at Ashiyana Goa

Our prices are fully inclusive of tuition, accommodation (shared in Palm Grove, or single in beach huts), food, all of the facilities at Ashiyana Goa, and a comprehensive course manual. 

We do have other accommodation options (see Accommodation), if this is of interest for your stay during the training please let us know.

We highly recommend for you to stay on site during the training as you can fully immerse yourself within your training avoiding unnecessary outside distractions. However there is a non-residential option if that serves you better. Contact us for more details.

A booking is effective once the 35% deposit has been paid. Balances are due 2 months before the start. If you wish to book we will send you an application form to complete which has all of the details that you need.

Fill in the contact form below for more information and to book your place.

Click here to see the 200hr YTT Teaching Team (teachers may vary between trainings)