Charlotte Bosworth

Introspection, Asana, Pregnancy Yoga

Charlotte supports the teaching team in all aspects of the training. She also runs the reflections section. Inspired by her own desire to understand what makes people tick, these sessions are designed to introspect; to actively ask why we behave the way we do, and to listen, with understanding. Understanding that can help us transform and ultimately let go of that which holds us back.

Charlotte came into yoga over eight years ago whilst working in the city within a very stressful environment and she soon realised the benefit it had to her both physically and mentally. Since then she has been deepening her practice; she travelled to India to gain her teaching qualification at a Sivananda centre, and has worked at the retreat village in Goa for the last three years. Charlotte does not like to compartmentalise her yoga practice; for her it is about deep introspection, moving creatively with flow, and exploring the power of the breath. 

Charlotte has also studied holistic bodywork for the last 11 years, having experienced severe neck and back pain borne from an accident and perpetuated by a fast paced lifestyle. Charlotte believes nothing quite compares to the human touch; she is passionate about listening to the client and working with them so they can work towards healing themselves.