Fernando Diaz

Lead Teacher, Anatomy & Physiology, Asana

RYT 500 ~ BSc (Hons) Physical Therapy ~ Masters in Osteopathy ~ Masters in Sports Science ~ Certificate Pilates Instructor ~ Watsu Practitioner ~ Gestalt Therapist ~ Bodybuilding - National Trainer

I consider myself a bit of a 'fitness freak'.  I always like to be running, skiing, biking or playing footbalI.  I started ballet dancing when I was 14. As I was very flexible when a boy, I also enjoyed Karate and Judo.

When deciding what to do with my professional life, I chose to study Sport Science when I became 18. One year later, I got into University for Physical Therapy. During the following years I completed several other courses and educations, before being accepted into Osteopathy School in Madrid.

Meanwhile, I was also a contemporary dancer, collaborating with several choreographers, TV productions and other shows for many years. I was fortunate to travel the world dancing in NY, Paris, London, Rome and Denmark.  Pilates education was my next step and combining PT and dance was perfect. Later on, I moved to France and worked as a PT  for almost a year.

My first Yoga practice was in 2005 when I went to San Francisco and got my first Watsu certificate.  It was in Harbing Hot springs when I first tried a Hatha Yoga Class and felt the magic of it.  My Watsu training also took me to Spa, Belgium and the Canary Islands, where I completed my education.

When I came back to Madrid, I began acting school where I received a Psychology education on Gestalt, and after this started working in Lopez Ibor Psychiatric Hospital for a couple of years. I also worked at the Fibromyalgia Spanish Association.

I have worked in multiple different places and departments related to health.  I developed a Pilates, Mind and Body department for Rebook Sports Club and managed a Hotel Spa in the middle of Madrid. These were my last two experiences before opening my own clinic, Fitroomclinic, with an holistic team of Doctors, Coaches, Psychologists, Trainers, Optometrists, Healers and Yogis, all working together for the good of our patients. Our patients came from different ranges of society; from actors and pop stars to psychiatric or fibromyalgia patients, young and old.  We also treated several recognised doctors, the Ambassador of the USA ( James Costos) and her Majesty Leticia the Queen of Spain.
Whilst working at Fitroomclinic, my Yoga practice deepened such that I travelled to Rishikesh and Dharamsala, India. Following this time in India, I went back to Spain to close my clinic after 6 years, and created a new sustainable company, Save Horizon. I then moved to India where I now teach Anatomy and Biomechanics in Yoga.  At the moment I also frequently travel to Thailand where I teach workshops and TTCs. 

My purpose is to bring modern Science and Yoga together; to include this millenarian practice into the medical system as a preventive and healthy habit.
Bringing the concept of sustainability into education is also one of my goals; educating bodies and minds and teaching healthy habits for the good of the people as well as the good of the planet.