Louise Lavigne

Asana, & Teaching Skills

Louise's interest in yoga took a more professional turn in 2005 after several years of informal practice in Canada.  She was offered a scholarship for a Yoga Teacher Training with Integral Yoga Institutes & Satchidananda Ashrams in Bacalar Mexico.

Since then, she hasn’t stopped being a student of yoga and meditation, studying different styles and traditions, participating in workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. Studying and teaching has taken her many places around the globe such as Mexico, Canada, USA, Europe and India.

Teaching has always been a focal point in her life and is complemented by her University studies in the area of language and education.  She has worked with and learned from several inspiring teachers who have brought her to where she is today.  Her work reflects those teachings, which she imparts to a variety of people including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. 

The process of guiding people towards a more authentic and conscious relationship with themselves through yoga has taught her that one must get out of the way, and create space to channel the essence of the teachings of yoga.  When teaching, she draws upon different styles of yoga, finding it helpful to combine the more physical and dynamic styles with the more subtle and slow in order to gain access to the power and potential that live in a pause, in stillness.  

In Louise's classes, she aims to promote a healthy balance between the mind and the body, which can involve going beyond habitual comfort zones in order to break patterns that no longer serve - and to gain new ground. 

Currently, she teaches in English and in Spanish in Seville, Spain, also reserving the time to teach regularly in Canada and other destinations.