Louise Windsor

Louise is an advanced Yin Teacher Trainer, having studied with Norman Blair, Sarah Powers and Bernie Clarke. She is a Chartered level 1 Yoga Alliance Teacher, and completed further trainings in Post Traumatic Stress, Pre and Postal Natal Pregnancy and The Art of Teaching 1-1. Louise is also a Reiki 2, a life-coach & NLP practitioner.

Louise began her yoga journey over 12 years ago; she discovered that yoga philosophy and the practice fitted so perfectly with her interest in helping others with self-enquiry, personal development, healing and so much more. Louise fell in love with Yin Yoga after studying Vipassana, a mindful Buddhist meditation technique, and realised this very slow style of yoga blends the physical practice of yoga perfectly with meditation and self-enquiry. Naturally a busy “yang like” person, and up until then preferring the stronger practice of flow yoga, she learnt that actually she needed the balance of the two. Time to slow down, stop, and just be. 

Through her teachings of Yin she shares not only yoga philosophy but also knowledge of the meridians, mindfulness, chakras and self enquiry. She is passionate about helping people to be themselves, to accept themselves as they are, and to cultivate a deep connection with their true state of being; peace, love, non duality, joy and inner wisdom. In training other teachers, she feels it’s important for them to find their own voice and their own style of teaching so it flows and feels authentic for them.