Prashant Tewatia

Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy, Chanting

Our resident Iyengar-inspired teacher, Prashant, shares this style's use of props and alignment.  He also shares Hindu and Yoga philosophy which he has been immersed in his whole life. 

Prashant was initiated into Yoga at an early age, watching his grandpa in a headstand every morning, being taught Hatha Yoga at high school in Delhi and also teaching to his fellow University students in Ireland.  Ten years later, he still finds himself hungry to share, learn and engage in the bliss of Yoga.

Prashant’s professional practice has been informed by his experience in India of Vinyasa flow in Rishikesh and Goa, Shivananda Yoga in Kerala, Art of Living (Sri Sri Yoga) in Bangalore and Restorative Yoga in Belgum (India).

However his most extensive and most recent training has been as a follower of the B.K.S Iyengar methodology, under senior Iyengar teachers Usha Devi, Lothar Hofler, Raghuvendra Shenoy and Dr. Abhay Kesti, his guru with whom he has developed a passion for Yoga Therapy.

"Real spirituality is the greatest rebellion there is.  It is risky, it is adventurous, it is dangerous." - Osho