Philosophy, Meditation and Deep Self Exploration

Shamarda is an experienced psychotherapist and group facilitator with 18 years of working with groups and individuals with therapy and meditation.   Qualified in Neo Reichan Therapy, Rebirthing, Family Constellation, Primal and Inner Child therapy, he teaches for the Omega Institute of Transpersonal Psychology of Brazil. 

As a teenager, Shamarda began exploring meditation, studying Tantra and reading the Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts.  During this period he attended various workshops, trainings and retreats in meditation and self-development which set him on his path as spiritual seeker and disciple of Osho.  Shamarda lived, trained and taught in several meditation centres and therapeutic communities around the world, including the Humaniversity in Holland and several years in the Osho International in India. 

He is known for his clarity and wisdom in guiding individuals to meet themselves in truth.  Through his honest and loving approach, he encourages the letting go of unhelpful habits and behaviours, and at the same time learning to love and accept all the different parts of oneself.   

Shamarda lives in his home town of Salvador in Brazil with his partner and daughter where he co-runs the Omniversity Therapy and Meditation Centre.  Being Brazilian, he loves football(!), the beach and spending time in nature.