Susie Legge

Lead Teacher, Asana, Therapy, Pranayama, Anatomy and Physiology

"When we practice with presence, we learn that in movement there can be stillness, and little by little we can experience the peace that is our true nature."

Susie is a Psychologist, Bodyworker and Senior Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher and teacher trainer with more than 10 years’ experience teaching in the UK, India, USA and now Brazil. She brings a flowing graceful approach that gently guides students to deepen their practice through awareness of subtle energy flow and breath. 

"Yoga has helped me to slow down, relax, take my awareness inward and learn to accept what I feel. By watching how I approach an asana, I learn how I approach life and by respecting my body in each moment, listening rather than instructing, I give myself the opportunity to change unhelpful patterns. I am not so drawn to yoga as a way of pushing my body to extremes or performing the perfect asana. I see yoga as a tool for releasing tension, creating space and feeling peace within myself. I like to share this way of practicing, by facilitating an inward focus, guiding students through their bodies with awareness of mind and breath. I share a meditative, flowing practice which arises intuitively in response to who is present and what is occurring in that moment. Each person contributes by their presence and therefore influences and helps to guide the class.

Both my personal practice and my teaching style is constantly evolving out of what I experience in life. The underlying intention is the desire for pure presence: the ability to rest the mind in the present moment and experience the peace that arises from this stillness. I feel gratitude to all those that come and go, who share in this way of opening the body and the heart, and who make it possible for me to do what I love to do."