Tobie Tomkinson

My route into yoga came many years ago as I heard that it was good for back pain. It was, although it took me some years to reap the benefits and to really understand how it could be.  Though I enjoyed many physical activities I shied away from the stronger, more linear Yoga practices as these only exacerbated my pain. Drawn toward what may now be called a yin / yang practice I have benefitted and enjoyed the not so simple act of slowing down and being still; in poses and in life.

For me, Yin practices are challenging and rewarding. Emphasising the psychosomatic element of existence, it offers a chance to question, to feel deeply, to acknowledge and to let go.

My passion for teaching is multi-faceted. With Yin itself I have always felt that something was missing. The predominant, and sometimes misinterpreted, focus on the physical benefits of Yin yoga and the affect it has on ‘fascia’ (long discussion!) seems too simplistic.

Flexibility is not just the increased length of soft tissue or fascia. In fact that may not even happen. When we explore the effects of a pose we must consider the structural, neural, psychological and emotional experiences we have almost simultaneously. Starting with the sensations we feel and our response to them.

So teaching inspires me to investigate - myself and others; to practice physically, morally, philosophically and psychologically.

To be creative; as the facilitator of an experience - from the moment a student enters the studio to their parting breath - we get to share what has benefitted us in a joyful way and to be part of the benefits this has to others.

And question. Always question – the words I have written here, the truths and platitudes that others tell you. Yoga is a totally individual experience. That is one of its ultimate beauties. It is not one existential truth system. It is an invitation to dive into yourself, notice what you feel and to live from that truth.

As a teacher I like to challenge all it is that you and I have read or been taught about (Yin) Yoga – from stretching to Fascia, Chakras to Meridians, catharsis to healing.  Because I want to hear what you feel, not to tell you how it is. To learn from your experiences, as your students will from you. And to ride on the wave of ancient knowledge whilst being part of the evolution of this infinite exploration. For that is Yoga and we are all equal within it. 

BSc Psychology
ERYT 200
Fascial Yoga TTC
Pregnancy TTC
Special yoga CPD
Prison Yoga CPD
Thai / Osteo Thai / Pregnancy / Neuro Somatic Re-programming